Letra de Giving it up

Sock Puppet Mafia

Letra de Giving it up de Sock Puppet Mafia
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( Sock Puppet Mafia )

I can't help it i'm in love with you, what the hell am i supposed to do
thinking about you every single day
cant forget those words you said, they're still ringing in my head
no one's ever made me feel this way
please tell me what im doing here, i'm leaving you and wont shed a tear
i'm giving it up i wont come back again
i'm giving it up and i wont break or bend
i'm giving it up i'm leaving here alone
i'm giving it up i'll find my own way home
why wont you stop playing stupid games, my life's never been the same
since the day you knocked on my front door
i'm messed up im going blind i cant get this shit off my mind
i've never been this messed up before
i'm jaded my hearts filled with fear, but i wont remember you this
time next year