Letra de No kinder savior

Small Town Poets

Letra de No kinder savior de Small Town Poets
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( Small Town Poets )

It's best to meet these things head on, she said
before too much gets on your mind
thoughts like books are piling up
sometimes the lessons don't seem kind
the fighting feelings will get easier
the ones that make your mood stay blue
you have believed the lie for long enough
no kinder savior comes for you
hallelujah, hallelujah
sing the blessings, sing them down
for the one who's ready to give up
no kinder savior will be found
I've even tried to hear from god, he said
didn't jesus love the weak?
she said, he was willing to give up
that is, the man who couldn't speak
the story goes that when his tongue was loosed
expecting cries of pent up grief
the crowd astonished by the spectacle
all heard a song of new belief
Sing a song about a higher love
that we would know it at first sight
sing it loud and long enough
he could make it real tonight
There are few who want this narrow door
most seekers seek a broader pass
hoping somehow they are living up
to what any god would ask
and longing for a kinder savior
from the tyranny of days
there already is a savior
yeah, he already leads the way