Letra de Left of centre


Letra de Left of centre de Sloan
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( Sloan )

I remember uncle owen
because his story was aimed at me
that was 1977
and i was in grade three
Since then, i got to thinking
i really can't remember
the last time i was the centre
of the target of pop culture
You see, i'm slightly left of centre
of the bull's-eye you've created
it's sad to know that if you hit me
it's because you were not careful
Yeah, i got the middle child blues
i couldn't wear your platform shoes
but now it's safe to go back in the water
but i prefer neptune's daughter
My older brother's pushin' forty
my kid sister's only nine
everything he knows is retro
the only word she knows is mine
You see, i'm just outside of nowhere
but pretty soon, you'll be in my care
and there are just so many of you
but not enough like me to love you