Letra de Before i do


Letra de Before i do de Sloan
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Letra de BEFORE I DO de SLOAN.

( Sloan )

There's no more fame to address
did you impress?
in all fairness, yes
so just cancel my game
if it's all the same to you
I've had clear thoughts
tied in black and blue knots
but you remember that i forgot
to track them down
to track you down
track me down
Call me if you need my help
to watch you help me help you
I've tried it all before (i've had a good time)
and it's not a lot of laughs (my best one yet)
and there's a hole in my heart
You carried your vice twice
like a basket full of roses
and the pearly gate now closes
with you inside
How should i drink to this?
my train's been stalled for ages
and this means me standing still
with a first-class ticket
so stick me with it
i'll stick with it
Just call me if you need my help
to watch you help me help you
I'm usually in late (i've had a good time)
in the afternoon and night (my best one yet)
otherwise i'm asleep (i never had enough time)
at least i've got a lot of room
and the alarm is set for noon (to play my "love you" set)
and it's gonna go off
before i do (i've had a good time)
(andrew talking over closing music)