Letra de Butter scaryflies

Sleepytime Trio

Letra de Butter scaryflies de Sleepytime Trio
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( Sleepytime Trio )

Doesn't seem to linger
like it should evaporated
intention advanced it's gone
a misdirected defense
has begun of 26 times
the wait what once was fun
doesn't seem to linger like it should
dismissed a gift with a twist
as if you could
and one another keeps her a jail
tries to be a book
ends up a failure
and i can see the part
of free that's borrowed
breathing like a hold up
and this is damaged
need for hold
and only winded hair
reminders time to take and...
and so you really want to know
which part won't make it
cold pressure pushes brown
just don't make that rhyme
and just don't...say it