Letra de Loaded gun


Letra de Loaded gun de Slaughter
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( Slaughter )

What's he doing with her man
You know that's that bird
I was telling you about
That messed around
With me and my bro
Ya know i might be young
But i'm not naive ya see
This girl could chew you up
And spit you out
Even after a damn big lunch
So look out boys
Cuz she's a loaded gun

She looked just like
An ordinary girl
How was i supposed to know
She knew the world
Outranked shellshocked shrapnel
From the time before
I thought she was the girl
That i was lookin' for

She's like a loaded gun
She's gotta getcha, getcha
Loaded gun...shoot, shoot, shoot
Loaded gun...fire....loaded gun

Cold as fire with
Shotgun in her eyes
She's got notches in her belt
From the other guys
When she gets ya on her sights
It's like dynamite
She can blow an army apart
She'll shoot a bullet into your heart

I'm tellin' all your soldiers
Now listen to my plan
Go to battle stations

It's red alert
Let's get her while we can
Like a loaded gun