Letra de Wiggy wiggy


Letra de Wiggy wiggy de Slapnuts
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( Slapnuts )

Verse 1:
let's go,
you dirty ho!
you don't know where to go.
you don't know how to blow.
and if you knew how to blow,
i'd probably want to go.
you's a ho,
you's a dirty ho,
wiggy wiggy
Verse 2:
your mom's a dirty ho,
she doesn't know how to blow,
and trust me,
i would know!
because she has a lesbian lov-ah!
and togeth-ah
theys be mo and munch!
they always eat cap'n crunch.
and their butts smell like
the funky nuts and dirt butts!
(chorus 2 x)
Verse 3:
then we go to the pound
to get us a dirty hound
then we's go underground
and eat us some mounds!
cause i gotta lose me some pounds.
cause yous a dirty ho!
who really doesn't know how to blow!
(chorus repeat and fade)