Letra de Starganzers

Ska - Soprano

Letra de Starganzers de Ska - Soprano
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( Ska - Soprano )

A grand oasis in the vastness of gloom
child of dew-spangled cobweb, mother to the moon
constellations beholders of the 3rd vagrant
theater for the play of life
tragedienne of heavens
watching the eyes of the night
sailing the virgin oceans
a planetride for mother and child
floating upon the quiet hydrogen lakes
in this ambrosial merrry-go-round they will gaze
ephemeral life touched by a billion-year-show
separating the poet from the woe
(repeat chorus)
oracle of the delfian domine
witness of adam´s frailty
seer of the master prophecy
the stellar world her betrothed
wanderers in cosmic caravan
universal bond - the starborn
a son in search for the truth
following the pages of almagest
discovering the origin of dreams
stargazers ride through the ancient realms
(repeat chorus)
. . .
toll no bell for me, father
but let this cup of suffering pass from me
send me no shepherd to heal my world
but the angel - the dream foretold
prayed more than thrice for you to see
the wolf of loneliness in me
...not my own will but yours be done...
you wake up, where´s the tomb?
will easter come, enter my room?
the lord weeps with me
but my tears fall for you
another beauty
loved by a beast
another tale of infinitely dreams
your eyes they were my paradise
your smile made my sun rise
forgive me, for i don´t know what i gain
alone in this garden of pain
enchantment has but one truth:
i weep to have what i fear to lose
(repeat chorus)
"iknew you never before
i see you never more
but the love, the pain, the hope, o beautifull one
have made you mine, ´till all my years are done"
without you
the poetry within me is dead
"you tell me, my love; it´s not love if it´s not forever.
but let me tell
you; a scene could brmuch more to remember than the play itself."
with wishes for you, in june ´98