Letra de Ready for the final war


Letra de Ready for the final war de Sigh
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( Sigh )

See the plough show their destiny
Disorder and chaos, let all the light disappear
Lord god, prepare for our blasphemy
The winged warriors take their black spears
Five evil lords will finally ascend
Against the light vengeance now begins
Reign of the light will soon come to an end
To Shamhala will all our sins

Into the nights of the depths
When Rago shines in the skies
They will regret, the tenth planet
The king of destruction now has come

A lunar eclipse on May 5th
Mandala of stars telling the disaster
Kongoyasha, Fudo, Gundali
Daiituko and Gouzanze
Calling forth all the evil lords
Now they´re ready for the final war
They take invincible swords
Bow and arrow, hear their steel roar

The ground trembling with the lightning and the thunder roar
The moon is fading behind the black desire
Gundali in the south, Kongoyasha in the north
Behind Fudo flame of Karura burning higher
(Daiituko) spreading plague to kill all that stand left
Under Rago all this world to kill that stand left
Into nothingess where even the darkness can´t exist
So just cry in this debris