Letra de In the mind of a lunatic


Letra de In the mind of a lunatic de Sigh
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( Sigh )

A man is searching for a girl to get him through the night
And with a smile he gets a lady for he knows his price is right
Off they go into an alley it´s just around the bend
But one´s not coming back for the Ripper´s loose again

Deep does cut the knife into another lady´s life
For a man is killing off the corner whores
And with a steady hand he creeps around the land
this slashing fiend does bring a scene of gore
From top down to the bottom his victims feel the knife
For with precision and great care they have been cut
The horror of their faces are now stuck in scenes of fright
From the brutal acts committed on these sluts

Lunatic, you are just a maniac
Lunatic, on thoughts you do react
Lunatic, death is your domain
Lunatic, you´re the man with rotten brains

He seems to be invisible and blends into the crowd
While setting sights on all there is to see
While he lurks around the shadows he doesn´t find suspicion

For he shows no guilt and brings no mystery
With a look of class and money he always fits the role
And has no problem locking down his deadly fix
To the ladies he´s a charmer a gentlman in lust
That will pay them nicely for their dirty tricks

For weeks the kills continue and still no sign of guilt
As he keeps on killing with a touch of ease
the town is drenched in murder whil the whores are drenched in blood
And London has no clue, who is this beast?
In time the killings ended but the case was never solved
And the curios they never went away
But no one was ever named for the crimes of Jack the Ripper
It´s a mystery that´s lasting till this very day