Letra de Seed of eternity


Letra de Seed of eternity de Sigh
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( Sigh )

My hate, my rage; all the anger, all the blame
All the feelings that I have bred fade as I am dead
My thoughts and my will incinerate in searing flame
All the visions come back to me
No more tears to shed

At the very moment of ecstasy
I feel death so expressly
Death stems from life and life from Death
It cycles endlessly
It was revealed to me

All will vanish into the void as my coffin starts to burn
I have found out the truth
All will vanish into the void as the fire licks my soul
The broken strings of life

Bless my death pelase!
I travel to what lies beyond the endless sea
It´s not what I crave, but after the grave
Must be a meaning to all that is to be
We are all blind!

Flowers in bloom that I´ve never seen
Meadows a million hues of green
I hear voices calling my name
But where am I?
Songs of beauty the birds sing
In the wind the leaves are rustling
Through the dark I see the light
Where am I?

My desire, my lust
They won´t just fade away
Everything will perish in an endless burning blaze
My love, my hate; with open arms I´ll await the day
The days I remember now seem like dreams
An illusion without light
You should know

No matter how I live or how I die, the result will be the same
No matter how I live or how I die, only the seeds remain
The seeds of hope

The seed of an angel
The seed of a devil or the seed of nothingness it may be
No use denying it, here is the proof
Nothing else shall remain, only the truth!

May it be heaven, may it be hell
May it be truth, may it be false
May it be death, may it be life
May it be shadow, may it be light
But the truth should be buried

New dimension, open its gate!

Your curious eyes, where life and death collide

And for the first time I thought the tears shed were beautiful

There must be a cure but a sad cure indeed
My blood runs through the vessels then I bleed

Nothing to fear so I enter the fire
My last vestige of life expires
A last breath, so deep
Before endless sleep
Before my family weeps
Even after my flesh decays, I´ll live on inside of you...