Letra de Love scene

Shemekia Copeland

Letra de Love scene de Shemekia Copeland
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( Shemekia Copeland )

Give me hot romance
And cool champagne
A night of passion
On a four train

Boys will be boys
I understand
But what I need
Is a leading man

I´m ready for my love scene
Give you all the love I can
I´m ready for my love scene
I´m looking for a leading man
I´m looking for a leading man

I´m on fire
If you set the spark
Shake me and stir me
´Til I go in the dark
I won´t be fakin´
I´ll treat you good
Better than those girls
In Hollywood


I´ve been searching
But I ain´t searching no more
I finally found the man I´ve been looking for

Just picture you
And picture me
Think how hot
It´s gonna be

We don´t need rehearsin´
This is the way I feel
Ain´t no actin´
This is all for real


repeat chorus