Letra de Sister

She Wants Revenge

Letra de Sister de She Wants Revenge
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( She Wants Revenge )

She smelled like 2 am
Took him back to her place
Where all the saints adorn the walls
Delivering her from grace

He knew he should leave
That this could only turn cold
She was a bad bad girl
So he told her so

Under the shadows of doubt
He had the whisper of lust
He said no touching tonight
She closed her eyes in his trust

She said tuck me in
He knew his judgement was sound
Still he pulled back the sheets

And said you better lie down cause the angels are watching
She closed her eyes and said quit the talking
You can hurt me do whatever you like

Her every word was in italics
As it would fall from her lips
The walls made of broken promises
He hoped this wouldn´t be his

She said tell me what to do
He knew right then he was done
Feeling lonely and confused

[Chorus x2]

Glancing through the curtains
Questions on her tongue
She spoke in third person
And he had seen every one

Awkward and admitted
Said shut the door when you go
Perhaps he should have reconsidered (oh no)


She crossed herself now the moments are missing
You can hurt me do whatever you like