Letra de Beliefs and obsessions

Shai Hulud

Letra de Beliefs and obsessions de Shai Hulud
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( Shai Hulud )

Lies of self-indulgent pride
a sense of justice misdirected for the sake of the lost
a claim to inflict punishment for those who have been unjust
and there's a line that can't be crossed between belief and obsession
nonexistent caring based on situation ethics.
no benefit can come from the line being drawn.
to be guided by faith, is to be.
is to be mislead.
a joke to the weak, a fixation to the strong.
so who's wrong, and who will decide what's right?
With so few actions, so many words.
won't take this complacency anymore.
i won't accept the criticism of my peers
i won't accept this objection.
i cannot judge others lives only to justify my own
one more word and i'm broken
one more word.