Letra de Serenade


Letra de Serenade de Shades
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( Shades )

Must have been an angel
Sweet spirits
Ringing from above
Showered me with lyrics of love
Blessing me over and over again
So i seranade my song (my song)
My love (my love)for you babe
And i'll give you my all
My heart (oh yeah)

And i serenade for you
(serenade i'll serenade for)
For you (i'll serenade)
Serenade for you
(my heart)for you baby
(my soul)serenade for you

Oh singing was my destiny
My calling(to i find my way to you)
To find my way to you
Something right out of a dream
Angels came to me
And sang this heavenly song to me

So i serenade my love my song (oh)
My love
For you, babe (my love)
And i'll give you my all (my heart)
My heart (my song)
And i seranade for you (for you)
For you
Seranade for you
(i seranade for you, i seranade for you)
For you baby
Serenade for you

My love is true for you
You never have to worry baby
Cuz i've got what you need
You'll never be alone
My heart will be
Your shelter and keep you warm

Need me, feel me, hold me (my love)
Forever and ever
Need me, feel me (oh my heart)
Hold me (oh babe)
Forever and ever

I serenade for you
Serenade for you
For you
Serenade for you
Oh, for you baby
Serenade for you(i'll seranade for you)
I'll serenadeso if i
So if i serenade
So if i
So if i so if i serenade
So if iso if i so if i serenade