Letra de Ghetto apostles

Shabazz The Disciple

Letra de Ghetto apostles de Shabazz The Disciple
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( Shabazz The Disciple )

Featuring bless freestyle poetic

[intro: shabazz the disciple]
Yeah yeah the revenge of the saga
Ghetto apostles
General grym sargeant shabazz
Lieutenant bless captain freestyle
Repport to your post
Baby j c12
The industry... give up the ghost

[chorus: shabazz the disciple]
We win the war cuz we bomb first
It's like grenade converse
Snatch it with the vietnam verse
Ghetto apostles doin godz work
Boostin camouflaged shirts

Marchin through your bitches and your concerts

[shabazz the disciple]
I'm that gorilla in the mist
Stalkin with an army of insalents
I got your organization under surveillence
You move your pawn 2 squares as the king unveils
Hired millitary agents, soldiers marchin in for the kill
This is a war, join ranks, play your position
Put the industry in checkmate, force 'em under submission
Your whole perimeter is surrounded by my legion
You're trapped inside the center of an isolated region
Chk-chk-bloaw! bloaw! glass shatters, bullets scatter
No evidence or fingerprints of c12 matter
Black bishop movin in, attack the queen
Sabotage frontlines, the industry's in quarentine

This is a violent course, forget all violent thoughts
No silent war, massive survival course
Mount your ridin horse and rapid thoughts
Survive the holocaust, grab your holy cross
And crush 'em like star
Witness your empire fall like sodom and gamorra
Convert your bibles, cut rhymes of tora
Bless'll be the high exhaltor
Divine curer, whose mind is purer
Starrin in my rivals eyes, i analyze
Causin examinin, paralyze
Although they choose to itemize lives

[chorus x2]

[freestyle of arsonists]
Continue infiltration by firebomb detonation
Phasers and lasers, scopin, token from smoke inhalation
Secret service agents are comin at me, i gotta hit 'em
Eye strain, threw a grenade, settin off the sprinkler system

[poetic/grym reaper of gravediggaz]
I specialize in inferior terrorizin your airwaves
Like droppin off thermal-nuclear bombs in subways
I'm here to stress your life, paintin pictures of death
Ancient scriptures with your silhouette
I'm coldest winter, bringin the earth tremors
Inverse your innersanctum, my sagmental warden
Haha, i laugh at how i bang them
Hoes coppin a plea should've took the oppurtunity to flee
I bring terror to ears like the phantom
My foes reveal a navy seal approachin ghetto walls
Enemies forfeit, jackets stained from open sores
Non-negociable term for your surrender
I beat your weak arsenal and burn it in the center

[chorus x2]

[freestyle of arsonists]
Rhyme angle, special operation, sub-team arsonist
Switch the disc and get out of there fast, we don't want to take no risk
Code name, freestyle, alias the asthmatic
Full metal jacket status with the diplomatic
Burocratic tactics, we got the area secure now
Triple the c-4 and get rid of the whole floor, yo
Copy, i copy that, we got the whole music business wired
When the shit blow, your whole empire despise is

We could take it and live lavish and still build on the mathematics
More precise, cut karets, rock ice and still civilize the savage

[shabazz the disciple]
Dancin in the garden of eden, gotta take a long breathin
Glancin back at days i used to be behind the bars with heathin

[poetic/grym reaper of gravediggaz]
Last like the aztecs, cash checks, blast techs
Collect all of my assets from sales from the cats sets

[freestyle of arsonists]
Iceless but priceless, top of the price list
Probably the first on your heist list
You might miss, so knowledge this

Yeah! yeah! yeah! what?! what!?
No commercials, baby! what!?