Letra de Castrated

Severe Torture

Letra de Castrated de Severe Torture
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( Severe Torture )

Seeking and murdering

Devouring the meat

Misanthropic awakening

In the name of the father you´ll suffer

You will crawl, mentally aborted

The time of your death is now coming

You will die, spiritually castrated

Eating your entrails out

As a hungry vulture

No one can hear you

Your voice is paralyzed

Cutting and beating

Causing mass carnage

You wish not to be who you are

You can beg but you will not survive

I can´t wait for your brain cells to die

When I cut off this head I despise

I can see that you´re not more than flesh

Now you´re dying you won´t resurrect

On your knees for a god I reject

Decomposing and locked in your grave