Letra de Negative things


Letra de Negative things de Selwyn
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( Selwyn )

Listen baby, i wonder why sometimes we fall apart, ooh babe,
together we are so wonderful,
yeh, baby, and every single day i pray,
i really think should've never been this way, (shouldn't be this way)
i'm only trying to be (only trying to be) a better man (a better man), so baby,
why then do you see all the negative things in me?
cos all i ever do is try and be
all that i can be,
girl, u know your hurting me,
all the pain you weigh to me,
as i lie at night,
i'm imagining things, honey, used to be
girl, you know your hurting me,
what am i to do with a broken heart? (broken heart, yeh)
All over town
everybody say
that you and me are over,
but i know we're meant to be
together for eternity
was it untrue what we promised each other?
baby, my heart keeps telling me (shouldn't be this way)
that it shouldn't be this way forever, (only trying to be)
i'm only trying to be a better man, (better man), so lady,
Broken heart, girl,
remember when we made our promises,
that we would be together throughout every single thing,
now i'm only trying to be a better man,
but you'd never notice that,
girl, i truly love to be around you, and baby,
i'll give you anything you want me to, (shouldn't be this way)
'cos i know this might seem hard for you, (only trying to be)
i know
that we will be... (a better man) yeh, yeh
Chorus (x3)