Letra de Our song

Scratched Vinyl Innocence

Letra de Our song de Scratched Vinyl Innocence
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( Scratched Vinyl Innocence )

I remember the sunrise, with you
we were so innocent and confused
you wore your pink sweater and white shirt
i remember the tan reflection off your corduroy skirt
slivers of grey and blue shine bright from your face
as my lips dance on your stomach and the usual meeting place
you know you kill me with that giggle that you do, it always makes me melt inside
just like the first time we kissed
after spending so many days of playing cat and mouse with our eyes
in the voice room
with your gravity you finally made me fall for you
your sunrays and shooting stars have guided me
to believe in the dream of your hand in mine
i'll never leave, even before
you told me to dream of angels, but i said
"no just you"
then the conversation came to an end then you said
"goodnight, goodnight"
i'm writing you these letters; every word comes from my heart
to my hand i cannot steady because my love is pounding in my chest
so hard
the tempo is speeding up to the beat of my heart counting 3 2 1 day till i see you
for a few days or maybe a week which is just enough to get me through
the summer sure as long as i know you'll be at the end with open arms you'll welcome me home
once again
and i'll hear you say
"honey, dream of angels"
then i say
"no just you"
then the conversation comes to and end
then you say
"goodnight, goodnight"
i hope we can say we do
because i know you're the only one i can say "i love you" to
you'll tell me to dream of angels
then i'll say
"no just you"
then the conversation will come to and end
then you'll say
"goodnight, goodnight"
i remember the sunset with you
when we reminisced about plans of what we wanted to do
together in a few years we can do what we feel is right
but for now i'm going to dream of my angel and get ready to see another perfect sunrise
in you
in you
in you