Letra de Rise

Satanic Surfers

Letra de Rise de Satanic Surfers
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( Satanic Surfers )

Don't let them break down your sense of identity
Don't let your life be controlled by the bullshit they feed you to make you doubt your ability
like a well trained puppet-let them indoctrinate
this self-censoring fear-into your heart and mind

How much longer can you keep on pretending?
Everything will be fine but life unlike movies don't always have a happy ending
take your chances-sort of like I do
on those high notes

'cause in the hardest times we find our strength
in our darkest hour-on our bleeding knees
and if we fall we must rise again.

I know sometimes it seems as if we're living in a time of fading dreams
when all hope is lost in the process of life
in our ever failing search for happiness...
but we know...
if we fall we must rise again