Letra de I want to believe

Sass Jordan

Letra de I want to believe de Sass Jordan
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( Sass Jordan )

When will i die
when will i marry
why do i cry for nothing sometimes
why do i feel like i'm in a hurry
feels like a race and i'm out of time
like a lover turning into a friend
somewhere a heart is getting broken again
how does the whole thing end?
i want to believe in something for real
i want to believe in something i feel
i want to believe it's all that i need
i want to believe
Who will be king and who will be beggar?
when will i have this mystery solved?
who said a ring could mean love forever
nothing's for sure except growing old
will i always be here spinning my wheels
or does misfortune have a hand in the deal
is that how my fate is sealed?
i want to believe love has a chance to survive
the dream to be as one
i want to believe in a nurturing love
and not just a sacrifice
Where is my home and where am i going?
when will i know and how will i know?
i had a lover who turned into a friend
i had a heart but it got broken again
and i don't know if it ever will mend
is this how the whole thing ends