Letra de Elaine elaine


Letra de Elaine elaine de S.n.f.u
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Letra de ELAINE ELAINE de S.N.F.U.

( S.N.F.U )

Elaine, she had a funny name,
Both names the same,
Elaine, she drifted far away,
I never saw her again.

Elaine Elaine,
She was painfully plain,
Abnormally normal,
That's what I liked about her.

Elaine, lived on a radar range,
For reasons unexplained,
Elaine, she never spoke for days,
Some found that strange.

Elaine Elaine,
Never surfed on a wave,
Never been to California,
Grew up on the prairie plain,.

And she never went to parties,
Cause she couldn't dance at all,
Some called her a wall flower,
Some said she looked more like a wall.

Elaine Elaine, never tasted champagne,
Drank dirty water from the river,
That's what I liked about her.

Elaine Elaine, only listened to new wave,
Never heard of Quiet Riot,
I wish I could say the same.