Letra de Appraise the lord


Letra de Appraise the lord de S.n.f.u
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( S.N.F.U )

Twas praying to the heavens just the other night
When in thru the door walked Jesus Christ
He showed me proof, he had nail holes in his hands
And thirty none scars on his unclothed back
So I decided to profit off this 'Christ'
If Falwell can do it, then why can't I?

I went t to the man to get him appraised
And he just laughed into my face
He said, " There's not much value I GOD these day's"
There's not much value in G-O-D

I tried the museum but the answer was the same
Here I stuck with a God I couldn't even give away
It turned out my 'Christ' wasn't worth a cent
I ended up ditching the guy on some churches step

I went to get the man to get him appraised...