Letra de A hole in your soul


Letra de A hole in your soul de S.n.f.u
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Letra de A HOLE IN YOUR SOUL de S.N.F.U.

( S.N.F.U )

I'm looking out my window,
I can see all the good and the bad,
And I'm trying to be thankful,
For all the past fortunes I've had,
I'm standing at the window,
Trying to stay off the ledge,
'Cause when you're drawn to the window,
You're also drawn to the edge.

If there's a hole in your soul,
Think about it as though,
It's nothing more than a window,
And you can look deep within,
Then start to begin,
To repair what damage there is.

I'm staring into the window,
I can see my pain in its pane,
I'm trapped inside the window,
Encased in its frame,
I'm trying to open the window,
Pushing against the glass,
Is it a passage to the future,
or a portal to the past?

If there`s a hole in your soul?...