Letra de I just came to dance

S Club 8

Letra de I just came to dance de S Club 8
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( S Club 8 )

I Just Came To Dance [X3]

I see the DJ smile at me
But I aint living in a fantasy
And the crowd pressing down on me
The music taking them to ecstasy

And they want love, love, love, love, love [X2]

I need the music they need romance
But i feel love every time I dance
The drum beat pulsing
Throught my veins
And the rhythmns driving me insane

Cos when the music´s right, it
keeps you up all night There aint
no money that this honey can´t buy
And if you want to be part of this
fantasy I´ll guarantee that there´s
no one left but me

Dancing to the music
it´s all that i know
Just give me the dance floor baby
You can take it all but leave me dancing at the disco

I feel the bass fill the room
And now i´m dancing to my
favourite tune
Ooh and the rhythmn pulling me on
He´s talking to me as he
sings his song

I Just Came To Dance [X3]

He sings of love love, love, love, love, love [X2]