Letra de Together

S Club 8

Letra de Together de S Club 8
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Letra de TOGETHER de S CLUB 8.

( S Club 8 )

I am naughty but nice
i am sweetness and light
i will make your dreams come true
i love to dance through the night
i love to watch the sun rise i wana wake up bright and new
'cos when we get together,together
together were strong and together were fun
and we'll break every heart baby one by one
and it dosent really matter how old or young just try and we'll make it
we know the world is not so grey
we feel the bad times fade away
together, we are strong
I dont meen to get mad and i dont meen to be bad
but sometimes i get a little crazy
i like to play like we should and it gets me feeling so good
aint' no angels gonna save me
'cos when we get together
together whoo!
(chorus followed by bridge)
When ever you need a freind
(to stay by you)
to always give a helping hand
(dont be shy)
when your feeling lonley
and when your feeling down
just rember we can turn your world around
(we can turn your world around!)
(bridge follwed by chorus folled by the bridge again that fades away)