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Nach Scratch

Letra de De nach scratch de Nach Scratch
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( Nach Scratch )

I remember lying in bed
Child diverted my gaze, I saw, could not the drama
cerebral palsy, and how to understand your luck
and understand that other children are afraid to see
between the white sheets, your skin confused them
wove, after you watch me, and with a beautiful smile under
sick girl flashing gratitude for each pore
my older sister true treasure.
an angel whom god named
if that AIDS decline, given eternal grace, she won by far
future destiny pure rapture
I can not remember sometimes to mourn
if you appear in my dreams, I keep the cold
if you see me among the crowd I feel empty and talk
words of hope that only your dance radiates
I can not help but mourn, let my anger sprout
nor forgive randomly breached their fragility
a whim of the life you left injured
you went to the 16, it sounds dramatic
and time goes so fast that even the pain is forgotten
who refused to curse you the gift of feeling the sun
watch dawn, to meet your first love
curse this tenuous existence that surrounds us in fevers
boiling of a terror that he loves it loses
but call your sister, even spilled wax in my memory
and you keep this heart beating,
because you are my angel

Angel, your memory is my prayer,
angel, live in my heart,
angel, my angel, my angel
I dedicate this song

we are children of a lesser god, every bug patched
drawing on our minds a better world
and it is not easy to get brightness awareness
when experience made the catch to the heart and kills
if innocence escapes from the evil that was unleashed within
wind of torment and breathtaking
when I look around and you do not encounter
I feel like something out of me too at that time
Your goodbye early, your body fragile melted fast,
you do not defend the atrocious attack, the time that you consumed
cold and melancholy in my story today is the world that there is a days
who loved you as much as the angel that you were
and you were singing that you hear this sad crying
I keep the danger,
I take a look and these micro proud
I tell you many things
but I think both of drowning, as would life be without that blow
can chat, hug and you feel your perfume
see the bonds that bind us to eternity
but who is immune to this reality of inclement
and assume their torture without complaint (dimes)
who has not experienced the lack of a loved one
to be lived without having found no sense
remember me your sister is still alive

Angel, your memory is my prayer
angel, live in my heart,
angel, my angel, my angel
I dedicate this song

[ooouuuhhh, ooooouuuhh, your memory is my prayer, you live in my heart)

my sister wherever you are, you´re my angel

Angel, your memory is my prayer
angel, live in my heart,
angel, my angel, my angel
I dedicate this song