Letra de El idioma de los dioses en ingles

Nach Scratch

Letra de El idioma de los dioses en ingles de Nach Scratch
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( Nach Scratch )

If I´m just you´re my faithful acojes company
I speak sincerely and I hope when the day begins.
My guide, my lighthouse of Alexandria, if you see me lost
I look and remove the sadness in a heartbeat.

Give meaning to my existence, your disobedience,
you, my presence alone deserves reverence,
you gave me a gift, you were my sword,
always locked in your prison if lacking inspiration.

Since nothing hold me, do not forbid or threats
so romantic and authentic, you never disguise
as a fairy and an executioner firm shield in battle,
You whom I go if others fail.

You give me challenges, adventures and responsibility,
give me success and money you take away my privacy,
I push yourself create, make me tremble, dream, cures me
I choose to speak if the streets are silent.

Undress me tenderly and I feel your touch and your smell,
if I see you fly freely between the voice of a singer
Opera and Flamenco are, you´re all I have and I love you,
while Brotas between the notes of a piano.

And I desintegras painting these black nights,
I glad I invade, evade me, turn away the darkness
and resurrect me always, never lie to me
container where tears are poured.

Tango and pace are you live in do, re, mi, fa
unpredictable rhythm when you wear Jazz,
ógixeno arrive and give me, my only sleep
if the deadly stress my muscles tense, disciple

of your great expertise when you do not know,
could live without perceiving as your ringtone
were mine and mine alone in my hours of misery,
compose the soundtrack of this tragicomedy.

You reigns among thousand kings, my valleys summit,
Levites and avoiding me so much hatred that I Strafe
you, if you´re Hip-Hop samples and charisma complaint,
but you dress a classic and still the same.

You, my luck, it´s you, so strong, you, you, so different
surges and suddenly forgets life to death.
Impossible to have you if you are born of a pentagram,
if the drama lies in my bed huge open windows,

your flame is never extinguished light of eternal youth
when tapping a guitar cry of Blues.
Are you, dirty and torn rage of Kurt Cobain
sincere commitment Marvin Gaye,

the greatness of John Coltrane improvising on sax,
niñada look in the eyes of Michael Jackson.
And you are seduced me, your light perplexed me and I fell,
revived as the sun in the form of Soul and R & B

you drank the elixir and resisted the blows,
awkward if I finally found my North, my support.
Among chords Mark Knopfler Herbi beating of Hancock,
Vivaldi to Elvis, from Verdi to Jack Berry.

Immortal tracks cause the stop time,
as bombs explode causing deadly waves
of hope, encouragement and life, my great friend
only you make effective all phrases that say,

my balance, my peace, my druid, in fatigue
only you do realize the dreams that I pursue.
And without you is that there is no destination, only stone and a thousand ways,
without you, I´m a mime shaking in the clubhouse.

But your acojes my voices if you see me disoriented,
and a Waltz dance with me like two lovers.
You are the key that opens the mind immortal prison,
from Tiste-tutanclan to wish Silvio.

I envy the power to impose on songs
wake up my emotions, with creations of Ennio Morricone.
Sensations are uncontrollably when Rock n ´Roll,
eroticism in a flat voice of Diana Krall

The electric guitar solo breaks silence,
hiding harmonica Steve Wonder´s hands.
I saw where everything ends and Sira Nothing with Black Sabbath
Calm breathe life inspiring Bob Dylan,

oscilas and possess a James Brown move your body,
with Freddy Mercury, Ray Charles never have died.
And indeed gives you sound like a harp or acai,
class with Frank Sinatra or Barry White.

You enigmatic metrics involving myself and it saves,
language with which the gods speak, are music.