Letra de Cadenas ( en ingles )

Nach Scratch

Letra de Cadenas ( en ingles ) de Nach Scratch
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( Nach Scratch )

The whole planet is connected in a seamless web,
And the pain that infects other affects us,
invisible scars in the belly that mark us forever
and our minds does not awaken.
This story is like the sun everyday in the morning,
where a parent envy what others earn,
with stress as usual,
the routine in his office and kills him is sinking, gets confused.
Today his boss was tough and determined,
the scent of his cigar and his threat of dismissal,
hurt by his arrogance, he is stupid and defeated,
sorry to see who wanted to be and never has been.
Their self-esteem is damaged, its illusion dressed in black,
too many bad shots stuck in your brain.
For in the bar and start to forget,
slot with beer and your head clears.
He arrives at the mailbox door and there are only bills,
fractures in his heart,
hard bondage account
a bad day and a bad day and month thirty,
another day and another and who would not burst?.
Upload home without humor, without joy,
his wife was sleeping,
and the food is already cold,
behind the smoke of a cigarette, the chilla, humiliates,
it marks the fist on his cheek,
his wife is silent and consents,
as always,
dance of anger in the air and broken love hurts,
no one to console is locked in the bathroom and cries,
She wears the chain and others will suffer the damage.

Chains ...

Everyone has a story to be told,
keep a secret that nobody knows anything,
talk to the pillow but no response
the truth is out there, but hidden.

Night falls and his son comes home at the wrong time,
she empties a bottle and the pain I feel inside,
reacts with the fury of a lightning
and without a word he punches him in stomach.
´´Your back late and will not enter that door,´´
the eyes of his dead son,
and the open wound.
In the silence and denial,
shouting and slamming doors,
because no ties or hugging,
everything goes to pieces.
And so the next day or not open class sport
only park there because there is no where to look north,
some settings with colleagues and start the game again,
hurt and confused set the fire,
burned down his ego.
Now the chain is and burn
brand punishment
asked about their parents and the silent or evades the issue,
someone must pay the price of his scorn,
and whoever fights in the school door.
Have you seen a weak child cornered and given a fright
see the face of disappointment seems as fair,
between tears and choking,
begs the small,
its replica is a host,
and other blood spatters.
Someone call the company and the news spreads,
Big Boss´s son because someone hit him in school,
sitting in his office, angry,
unload their rage with a clerk.

Everyone has a story to be told,
keep a secret that nobody knows anything,
talk to the pillow but no response
the truth is out there, but hidden.

All that spit fire, provoked an evil,
will return to you like a boomerang.
Events that bind us in a fatal vicious circle,
your whip is your conviction
the world is connected,
strings ...