Letra de te quiero (en ingles)

Nach Scratch

Letra de Nach scratch te quiero (en ingles) de Nach Scratch
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( Nach Scratch )

I am still free nothing is complicated by your side
You make me free
I´m beyond recognition since I met you,
freer and more sensitive to k I´m here
Counting your seconds by me,
And I wrote this thinking.

For k I love you above all but
More powerful knight Don aya of money,
You are reborn lover,
and fall asleep to the warrior with money
And you make me honest to speak from the heart,
And I want you in the light of my hole
That blanket that wraps me in this cold month of January,
You´re the prettiest flower I saw growing between my land
The light and peace and war reporter,
And you´ll skip all the billboards,
Fences where fences
Kiss your footprints on the floor
For k I love you
Yell the whole planet
It´s you and me,
Will save any pitfalls with your support,
Will climb on your back,
Up to your neck,
To caress your ear
And define you as beautiful,
All your details all your flashes
Are stars in heaven and I can not live without them
Do not you think it is logical
My obsession is to paint on your face
Smiles most of my cerns,
Today again I dreamed with my sentences,
Listen to that and fly
I think,
You always know to be my guide
And show the directions
In my moments of doubt before the hard decisions
How easy to put it without conditions,
And once everything is celebrations
It is not normal for me too excited,
When I come and maggots,
And I months in your love and your swings,
By the way, and I am blind
Every problem is a game,
Your love makes me free,
And give me your love.

(Look at me know you love me you love me free)
No time passes,
If I have to side
There are no shadows from your enlightened as me.
(Touch me not feel me know your love sets me free)