Letra de Some people (from gypsy)

Linda Eder

Letra de Some people (from gypsy) de Linda Eder
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( Linda Eder )

Some people can get a thrill
Knitting sweaters and sitting still
That´s OK for some people
Who don´t know they´re alive
Some people can thrive and bloom
Living life in the living room
That´s perfect for some people
Of one hundred and five
But I at least gotta try
When I think of
All the sights that I gotta see
All the places I gotta play
All the things I gotta be at
Come on Papa
What do you say?
Some people can be content
Playing bingo and paying rent
That´s peachy for some people
For some hum-drum people to be
But some people ain´t me!
I had a dream
A wonderful dream, Papa
All about June in the Orpheum Circuit
Gimme a chance and I know I can
work it! I had a dream
Just as real as can be, Papa
There I was in Mr. Orpheum´s office
And he was saying to me
"Rose, get yourself
some new orchestrations
New routines and red velvet curtains
Get a feathered hat for the baby
Photographs in front of the theater
Get an agent and in jig time
You´ll be being booked in the big time!"
Oh, what a dream!
A wonderful dream, Papa!
And all that I need is
eighty-eight bucks, Papa
That´s what he said
Only eighty-eight bucks
**"you ain´t getting
eighty-eight cents from me,
Well I´ll get it someplace
else! But I´ll get it! And
I´ll get my kids out!"**
Goodbye to blueberry pie!
Good riddance to all the
socials I had to go to
All the lodges I had to play
All the shruners I said hello to
Hey L.A. I´m comin´ your way!
Some people sit on their butts
Got the dream, Yeah, but not the guts
That´s living for some people
For some hum-drum people
I suppose
Well, they can stay and rot!
But not Rose!!!

**- Isn´t said or sung in the
song, but in the lyrics