Letra de The bells of st. paul

Linda Eder

Letra de The bells of st. paul de Linda Eder
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( Linda Eder )

One Christmas in London
December air
Red buses, snow angels
Trafalgar Square
And now the two of us are walking there
Remember how it used to be?
You never told me how to love you
We never spoke of it at all
But Christmas day, when you passed my way
We heard the bells of St. Paul...

All season, and New Year´s
They rang for me
That winter was more than
A dream could be
And every morning what I woke to find
Would in the evening still be
there We never talked about
We were in love, and through it all!
Our hearts would sing every time they´d ring
The ancient bells of St. Paul...

I´ve searched for a thousand hours
Through the town, and places we knew
Past grand old castles and gothic towers
Hoping they would lead me to you...

You never told me how to find you
I had to try first and fall
But on the strand, when you take my hand
We´ll find the love we recall
And hear the bells of St. Paul