Letra de Music

Leela James

Letra de Music de Leela James
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( Leela James )

(Verse 1)
Somebody play on the guitar strings
Makes me think of my favorite songs
Reminds me of when I heard Aretha sang
Gladys, Tina, and Chaka Khan
Can´t go back to yesterday
Can we just put the thongs away

And fall back in love with music
Nothin´ but the music

Everybody knows that Marvin´s gone
Still I gotta tell you what´s going on
Said the music?s gone

Where´d the soul go?
It´s all about the video
We don´t sang no mo´
Where´s the music gone?

Where´d the music go?
It´s all just for the dough
It ain´t songs no mo´
Where´s the music gone?

(Verse 2)
Still hear Donny playin´ them keys
Sangin´ one day we´ll all be free
Can´t even turn on my radio
Somebody hollerin´ bout a bitch or a hoe

Right now I´m missing music
Back porch, down-home music