Letra de This is perfection

Lee Maloney

Letra de This is perfection de Lee Maloney
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( Lee Maloney )

Chorus 2x
this is perfection!
i write rhymes easily
this is perfection!
you mc's can't come close to me
this is perfection!
just give me a pad and a pen
i'll write a song or 2 and do it all over again!
(this is perfection)
i light the crowd up like a match
people call me trax
when i rap i snatch the hair off your back
my music is soothin', but sometimes confusin'
in class i'd be foolin', on the court i'd be schoolin'
when i'm in a car i'm cruisin...so fast it's like an illusion
it's my point that i'm provin'
is this the conclusion? (what?!)
the rhymes that you'd be gettin'...aren't fit for today's youth
they're pretty upsettin'
hey man pay attention! we have to be stressin'
that this world needs protection, not to mention less rejection
people, are you in another dimension?
this is my invention! you're in detention!
my detection...is that my projection
has gotten your attention and my microphone connection.
no drug injections, no need for corrections!
so head in that direction!
this is perfection..
Chorus 2x
i'm stirred...not shaken
taste better than your mom's fried bacon
i'm makin' a statement
and i'm not gonna be mistaken
you can't fake the fact that you can't take the stack
of weight that's been breakin' your achin' back
you're about to crack, you're heart just got smacked
nobody cuts you some slack. instead they just laugh
and take your heart and put it on the top of the wrack
yackety yack. in fact, i'm gonna attack,
like the...crack of a bat. get ready for impact.
try and relax. i..am..goin' to the max
fill up your back-packs and feel the wrath of the trax!
Chorus 2x
this is perfection as i said before
you rappers used to be good, but not no more
i'm carryin' the torch and i'm leading all scorers
the bar's set so high, you'll need some bungee cords
forwards i go. dude, i'm in 1st place
you mc's are a discrace to the hip-hop race
i move with grace and i'm impossible to trace
just try and stop me when i'm settin' this pace
your raps are just waste, man...just a pile of crap
you have to face it, man...and learn how to rap
put on your thinking cap and give your head a little tap
your mind's outta shape, you should make it run a lap
Chorus 2x
This is perfection as i said earlier
i deliver rhymes these like a frickin mail courier
i'll curl ya....up into a basketball
go to the court, shoot around and bounch ya off the wall
i'll take ya...out behind the closest mall
and beat you so bad with my rhymes, you'll give your mom a phone call
just...crawl away and come away with me
pay close attention and listen carefully
please believe that i am saint john's best mc
and that i'm not goin' nowhere. man, i'm only 15!
Chorus 4x