Letra de Somethin bout cha


Letra de Somethin bout cha de Latimore
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( Latimore )

Somethin' 'bout 'chalatimorebaby, there ain't no other placein the world that i'd rather beand i'm going to stay right here till you tell me that you're tired of mebaby, i feel so goodi feel so good every time i get close to youwords can't express the feelings that i have in my heart for youthere's somethin' about cha, ooo babythere's somethin' about cha'i don't know what it isthere's somethin' about cha, oooo babythere's somethin' about chaif there's anything you ever need or want just tell me about itlord knows, i don't want to see you without iti'm gonna try to give you everything you want when you want it, how you want itevery time you think you want it (repeat chorus)baby come on and lay your fine self down here by my sidei want to make sweet love to you baby, till you say you're satisfiedand just as long as i know i got youi don't need nobody elseif the lord made anything better than youhe must have kept it to himself(repeat chorus)