Letra de Deal with it

Last Tuesday

Letra de Deal with it de Last Tuesday
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( Last Tuesday )

Number one on the
list I made
Is how a fear can
Anyone to
Fall in love with you
Cant be what you ever
Had in mind
An iron fist
To judge our time
And I don?t understand
Why we are the first
Ones to push them away
With lists they must obey

So tell me
I want to know,
How we should deal
how we can deal with it

I know the answer
Can?t be found in me
But if we talk about the
Things we see

We might be on the way
We might be on the way
We?ll write it down so we
won?t step back
to save our spot and to
not lose track
of what we understand,
what we may never under
stand while we are here
let?s stand while we are here

This conversation
It makes it easier
To understand that
I know I?m not alone