Letra de To all planets

Dilana Smith

Letra de To all planets de Dilana Smith
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( Dilana Smith )

Love is like a waterfall flowing in the night
Life is like a river flowing it's own way
You wanna know the feeling
You gotta bend the rules
So let's go on a trip
That's what I wanna do oh yea!
Fly me to the moon
Drive me back to venus
Go with me to mars
Take me to all planets
That's where I wanna be
On a horse we'll go to pluto
We'll go looking at the stars
Dancing on saturn
I'll go everywhere with you oh yea!
Love is like a waterfall splashing down on me
You are like a river runner through my vains
Ooh you gotto seize the moment
You gotto play it cool
So hold me in your arms and
I'll take off with you oh yea!
Meet me on the bottom of the sea
We'll build a little sea shell house for free
So if you wanna know what makes me tick
Bring a submarine or a rocket ship
or we can take the magic bus across the universe