Letra de Mansion world


Letra de Mansion world de Deadsy
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( Deadsy )

Once upon and once up high a dandy dream what means to die
what things to come as life rolls by the core of human equation
tetragram presents a sign a sign to saviourize
turn around i'd like to know you
everywhere and every why the answer lay beyond the sky
pass through the seven satellites, pass on to the place we got to
learn to read, to rhyme, to could your primes and earthly education
climb the tree of life in hopes to find the mid-space time dilation
on the mansion world the role reverse, a slave becomes a master
on the mansion world the souls converse and life moves a little faster
we unify in the universe to arrive in the everafter
in the mansion world, i might like to know you
naw and then it comes to mind i draw upon a long lost time (so don't ask me why the angels don't vry cause you know what i've already told you)
memories of the urantia girls, they race around my brain in swirls (and you'll never ask me why the changes in the sky lead you upwards through the hole that you go through) son now you're off you've done your time
prepare for divine invasion
as the spirit binds morontia minds ascend to the cosmic nation
new urantia girl everything's below you