Letra de Schwarzschil


Letra de Schwarzschild de D
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Letra de Schwarzschild de D.

( D )

Time to say farewell to this world.

Even if it was "The Black Shield"...
There is the shield in order to protect everyone

All vampire´s sin are my sin. Because the cause is in me.
I must atone for past Deeds. That is, it indicates the Death.

My blood wasn´t able to be exterminated by sunlight.
all was mistake and meaningless

This blood, lineage should perish and never awake.
Up to the last drop of the blood.

However I was feeling sadness always
Because we are the vampires which are always hungry
for blood, and have to continue living in the Dark
As Dust return to Dust, I will also return to ashes

Loneliness and pain made the Desire amplify
and malice became mighty nightly

I wish to liberate you from "Blood Oath"
Please understand this feeling of mine

[japanese lines. I´m currently trying to figure out the kanji]

If God give me hug gently some day
I will know true meaning of the eternity

There´re few people who can find out the narrow gate to the paradise
but I wish to meet you again

If I can live with you on God´s side, it´s very wonderful
Only God saves us
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