Letra de Enter in my life

Cnx Anti-social

Letra de Enter in my life de Cnx Anti-social
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( CNX Anti-Social )

Goodnight, it's a pleasure
you just were a girl more
after five minutes
you were someone special
without talking me, without touching me
something inside turn me on
in your eyes was becoming late
and i forgot about the time

these days next to you
they taught me that there is really
no determinated time
to start to love
i feel something really deep
that doesn't have any explanation
there is no reason or logic in my heart

enter in my life, i open the door to you
i know that in your arms thre will never be
lonely nights
enter in my life, i really love you
i started to miss you
but later i started to need you

good night, it's a pleasure
nobody else exist for now
after this time togheter
i'm not goint back
you talked to me, you touched me
and you became my illusion
i want you to be the owner of my heart


enter in my life, save me now
open your arms tide and let me in

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