Letra de Sin

Circus Maximus

Letra de Sin de Circus Maximus
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( Circus Maximus )

All my life I have been a drifter
Going down the paths that had no ending
With Satan on my shoulder, I was an angel of the underground
Nothing could ever stop me

You?re losing all, losing all of control
In the end you will fall
Losing all, you?re losing all
Your soul... will it ever be whole?

I am terrified
In the dark there?s no light
She?s at the end of the line but she wants to live (to live)
He tastes the fear in her eyes
At the end of this night she will be... gone

What you have taken away from me
Can never come back, I cry, all night
The memories I?ve been given, while the future you have taken
You left me but a picture in a frame (nothing will ever be the same)

Listen son, I?m the one, can?t you see...
I was here all along
The choice you made can?t be undone
Now the price you will pay

You?ll be electrified
It?s the end of your life
Cause tonight the stars will shine, but not for you (feel it)
Feel the power of light
You?re at the end of the road

You?re in my world now, my soul to keep
Eternity is a long way to go
In my world now, your soul is mine
You see there?s no way out
For eternity
This is where you will be, ?Please let me out of here!?
For eternity
I will keep you down here, ?Is there no way out??
?I can?t get out, out of here! Is there anybody listening? To me...?
You can?t get out, out of here
?I all alone in the dark...?
It?s the end of the line, where you?ll be...