Letra de Forced labor

Circle Jerks

Letra de Forced labor de Circle Jerks
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( Circle Jerks )

in a political state
carries no weight
no consideration
your future´s at stake

yanked out of school
for a factory before you can read
once the world´s shoven down your throat
you´ll find that it´s hard to breath

they´ll march you to work
in sickness or in health
you´re never paid what you´re worth
no family wealth

soon your wages support
the state
support the party
then you´ll scream
forget the C.W.P.
tell´em for me,
i´d kill to be free
tell´em for me
i´d kill to be free

no religion to comfort your mind
the communist manifesto will be read all the time

when consumer products cease to exists,
that´s when the eastern blocks defects

tell´em for me
i´ll kill to be free
tell´em for me
i´d kick ass to be free
resist´em communism
resist´em fascism
resist´em nazism
resist´em now