Letra de Hebenon vial

Cinema Strange

Letra de Hebenon vial de Cinema Strange
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( Cinema Strange )

Stuck on with dynamite, live in disgrace like the fool that you told you to! dancing like philanthropist and cutting and scraping the dogs that lick at you! padlock the door to the basement and swing down the stairs on the back of the lizard and watch every inch when you are building the walls that cover you!
Shine like a dagger and poison in woodland and laugh like a wet-nurse with a sword through your breast! funny, like thumbscrews and ripe guillotines and maidens when drowning and electric chairs!
Murder most foul! incestuous sheets! hebenon vial! 'twere madness discreet!
Consanguinity and the bastard's aloof with a nose just like a pig's! assassins are sleeping and the man in the orchard's a king with a queen! giggling beastly and prey on the birdy fly low over stone and banshees... hopscotch for bombs in your bed and believe what you hear from the pervert who hides under...
Batty and bruises on cheek and the porcelain shards of the sink stuck in your face! shoelaces dragging in wet and the cold of the dungeon allures like a finger! holding in calm dimension the harrowing phantom aloft in your courtyard... fading in crown, rapier, he stills the blood of the 'jack that runs through your veins!

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