Letra de Delilah

Cindy Morgan

Letra de Delilah de Cindy Morgan
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( Cindy Morgan )

Who are you kidding with that
Smug look on your face
It makes me so angry you act that way
Bat you eyes tell a few white lies and
Get your way

Going downhill on an uphill slope
And with every jab you slice the rope
You laugh out loud, but you know its
Not a joke

Deli-Delilah how long will you run
Keeping all the pain inside
Deli-Delilah There´s love to fill you up
Give your life a sweet desire
To cool the fire
Well hey how about it

So what´s the pain that you hide today
The closet rattles you run away
You want the others to hurt like you hurt
And with every notch upon your door
You´re one step closer than before
But you´re headed no where on an endless shore