Letra de Beautiful delilah

Chuck Berry

Letra de Beautiful delilah de Chuck Berry
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( Chuck Berry )

Beautiful delilahchuck berrybeautiful delilah, sweet as apple piealways gets a second look from fellas passin' byevery time you see her she's with a different guybeautiful delilah, that's the reason whychorus:the better don't allow me fool around with youyou are so tantalizing you just can't be truebeautiful delilah, dressed in the latest styleswingin' like a pendulum, walkin' down the aisledeep romantic eyes, speak so low in milesmaybe she will settle down and marry after a while(chorus)(instrumental)beautiful delilah, bathin' in the sunan audience of 17, and notice not a onelocal casanova who wouldn't be outdonelet her steal his heart away, break it just for fun(chorus)from: collins crapo <[email protected]>

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