Letra de Doctor stalker

Christian Beadles

Letra de Doctor stalker de Christian Beadles
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( Christian Beadles )

It´s 10 am and I´m up early with P90X
I´m at the gym as if I´m ´bout to do a lot of reps
I see a couple of girls staring like they´re so impressed
Must know I´m ´bout to lift a billion on the bench press
I take my time and stretch... no unnecessary cramps
These two are looking, watching, waitin´ for the perfect chance
They wanna ask me for a picture - they´re my biggest fans
Or so they think... secretly... I´ve been stalking them

Doctor Stalker x4

Time passes slowly - hours later it´s 3:33
I´m headed up MickyD´s... you´re coning with me
That value menu is the bomb digi - digity
I´m ´bout to go bottom´s up with my Ice Cream
The lady at the window smiles when she looks at me
She´s got the fragrance of a Big Mac - with no cheese
Hands me the cone like "here you go sweet pea"
She didn´t know - which window I´d been underneath

Doctor Stalker x4

Now you might listen to my song and think it´s all pretend
While you´ve been giggling and tweeting this to all your friends
You think it´s over but this games about to begin
What you don´t realize is... I just started a new trend
Planking was last week this is about to be what´s next
I´m taking pictures of my victims when they least expect
You do a creepy face
Leave the scene without a trace
Upload your picture to space
Stalking all over the place

Doctor Stalker (x4)
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