Letra de Euphoria

Chris Weston

Letra de Euphoria de Chris Weston
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Letra de Euphoria de Chris Weston.

( Chris Weston )

The love at first site
i felt on that night
The first step of passion
sexual attraction
Would eventually grow
into the love that i show

And as the days passed by
i realized why
it's for you that i try
it's for you that i cry
Because our feelings were shared
i felt that you cared
And in time you would see
what you meant to me
With time it would become
my love for someone
Through the things that i do
i show to you
through the things that i say
i love you everyday
‘till the day that i'm through
i'll be there for you
Never will you stare
into these eyes
trying to find
something inside
to make you realize
that i still care
or that i'm still there
Before i met you
i was searching
for a love on a higher level
for someone to be with forever
for the things
that lived in my dreams
to bring back that gleam
And now that you're here
i live without fear
no reason to shed tears
‘cause i know alls right
with you by my side
And i know without you
that i'd have been through
i'd have been done
unloaded my gun
And ended all the pain
no memories remain
But now that you're here
i won't shed a tear
‘cause with you by my side
the future's looking bright
and i know in my heart
that everything is alright