Letra de Born to toulouse


Letra de Born to toulouse de Chixdiggit
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( Chixdiggit )

You were just 18
when you first came to the house
a couple years, six months on me
when i turned 16,
had your second album out
it was better than the first to me
all the press had to say
was that french girls couldn't rock
but i knew they were wrong about you
so i got on the phone
and called all the magazines
i couldn't help it when school was done,
took a european trip
hoping that i'd run into you i
i the south of france
i could've sworn i saw you there
but i was told you were out on tour
at the time i was crushed,
so we went to italy but i knew that we'd meet someday on the way out of france, 
saw graffiti on your poster said
"she can't helped it" "she can't helped it" "she can't helped it" "she can't helped it"
i had heard last week
you'd be coming back in town
but the show hadn't sold too good
anyone knowing me
knew that i'd be coming down
had to see if you rocked me l
lke you did from the stage,
to the back you tried to help the people
see they were lost,
all but for a few all the kids at the show
tried to look it while you lived it
she can't helped it well, she can't helped it well,
she can't helped it that she was born in toulouse

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