Letra de In my dreams

Chas Bruns

Letra de In my dreams de Chas Bruns
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( Chas Bruns )

I'm king of it all, nobody tells me what to do.
depends on my mood, oh whether i'm nice to you.
and i've got it all, oh i keep it piled high.
anything i see that i want, i know i can make it mine.
In my dreams
in my dreams
Nobody bothers me, when i'm flying through the sky.
i can do anything, i barely have to try.
and if i'm feeling lonely, i just have to think of you.
i'll have all my fun, then toss you when i'm through.
In my dreams
in my dreams
The night is young.
i still have time.
to take it all, and make it mine.
Tonight i think i'll be, a giant standing tall.
oh i'll be so high, i'll be able to see it all.
and if i feel the need, i just might sing and dance.
crushing all you joker's below me, just the same as ants.
In my dreams
in my dreams
Always in my dreams, i have so many friends.
but in the back of my mind, i know it's got to end.
and as the morning sun comes, to beckon me home.
i know i'll wake in bed, to live life on my own.
In my dreams
in my dreams

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