Letra de Christian incoherent drivel

Carpathian Forest

Letra de Christian incoherent drivel de Carpathian Forest
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( Carpathian Forest )

As the decades and centuries rolled by
most of the christians no longer thought
that the second coming of christ
would take place in their own lifetime
They firmly believed
the awaited return of jesus christ
to earth in order to judge
the living and the dead
But they thought its possible
that these holy events
might not come to pass
for hundreds or thousands of years
On the basis of a complex numerical
calculations involving the symbolic
interpretation of the so called
book of truth
Still the preachers of our modern age
which prophecies claimed true
admit and coness your pathetic sin
then you kneel and let the brainwash begin
The world will be swept by war and plagues
all evil will control humanity
many will follow the beast 666
and take up arms against christ
the battle of armageddon is near
Apocalypse pestilence war famine and death
the demons of finality
from the sky they came
as written in biblical times
the vision of the destruction fo earth
the future is dark and violent
carpathian forest wants you dead, dead!